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Sona Chandis - The Diamond Arcade

Jewellery is not just an accessory; it is a form of expression, expressed through colors, textures, flow and design. It implies moments of joy and stylish originality much like the reputation of its source of origin.

"Sona Chandis" known as the diamond arcade has been serving in Kanpur city for as long as five decades now. Five decades ago, at the inception of our saga, we made the promise of the best quality when Sona Chandis came into existence, we made a promise to ourselves as well as our customers to provide best quality products at the cost-effective price range.

Our customers are our real treasure since we believe in making our bond strong with our customers that it goes on with every passing generation. Here in Sona Chandis we value the sentiments of our customers attached to the jewelry, therefore, giving a personalised touch to the designs according to our customers’ needs and demands. We also emphasis on providing the right knowledge of the product to our customers as per each design.

Designers at Sona Chandis create designs that are the amalgamation of both traditional and contemporary which makes it beautifully exquisite and is handcrafted by our in house team of efficient and skilled craftsmen. This beautiful journey of converting a hand-sketched design into a complete product is incomplete without another set of craftsmen working in different parts of India. To get the exclusive taste in our designs we get our jewelry manufactured from various parts of the country, some of them are Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Surat and Jaipur and gold jewelry from Ahemdabad and Rajkot.


History - Sona Chandis

The story began in the early ’70s when late Shri. Roop Chandra Agarwal saw a dream of dealing in jewelry as a wholesaler. His passion for jewlery and the precision in his work earned him the goodwill of the people.

In the early ’90s his elder son, Mr Rajendra Agarwal decided to join his hands together to take place in the retail jewelry sector. With his hard work and persistence, in the year 1999 first showroom of Sona saw its first dawn. Under his father’s guidance and brother’s company he started on a journey filled with commendable success and achievements.

"Hamari Sacchai Aapka Vishvas" - is the inner feeling of the group which has been successfully conveyed to our customers. Enabling us to generate strong relations with our customers which has been carried on from one generation to another.

Our Future Prospects

Sona Chandis - The Diamond Arcade

After successful completion of 20 years into a retail business, we felt that the jewelry market in Kanpur needs a bigger outlet to cater to the needs of the customers. Therefore, we initiated towards building the largest jewelry showroom of U.P. in Kanpur.

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